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I am David Sciola - an Aussie model living in New York City. My day job is modeling (I'm with Wilhelmina in New York) but my passion is nutrition and fitness.

Modeling has afforded me an amazing lifestyle. These past ten years I have traveled extensively, living in great cities such as New York, London, Milan, Hamburg, LA, Miami and Sydney.

I've had some surreal experiences (like getting paid to do rock-climbing and paddle boarding in Jamaica), worked with some amazing people (like Tyra Banks for ANTM) and Nicki Minaj (don't ask!), done some high profile jobs (including a worldwide campaign for Armani), and best of all learned a lot about the world and myself in the process.

People assume that modeling is all glamour and big bucks. Truth be told this is far from the truth for 99.9 percent of models. The above examples are cool but they are merely the highlights and not a fair representation of my whole career.

I've had plenty of down times over the years. Often going weeks or more without any paid work. Competition is high, work is scarce and there is constant rejection.

Traveling is often lonely. Too much free time for too long is a bad thing, trust me.

Rather than smoking weed and playing video games (like a lot of young models do), I always used my spare time to improve my health and fitness through research and experimentation.

Since graduating from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) back in 2010, I fully immerse myself in my longstanding passion for nutrition.

I am a self-confessed nutrition-junkie. I am also completely self-educated in this field.

Ever since "going Paleo" several years ago I jumped head-first into the scientific material - devouring every book I could find on evolutionary nutrition, reading countless research papers and listening to hundreds of hours of podcasts.

Ironically I have already put more hours into studying nutrition than I did in my five-year university degree!

My motivation in setting up The Paleo Model is to share my ever-expanding knowledge of evolutionary nutrition, fitness and all things Paleo. This blog is a platform to share my personal experience, experimentation, failures and success in my pursuit for the optimal (Paleo) lifestyle.

I love sharing my experience, especially with people who genuinely want to improve themselves. Furthermore, I have a love for writing and a respect for well-researched quality content, in part thanks to my BA (Media and Communications).

Having said that, I'm not a doctor, registered dietician or even certified personal trainer. I do not give out medical advice, and I never claim to have all the answers.

I do, however, live by what I teach. I am in a relentless pursuit for self-improvement. I may be lean, ripped and the picture of health in some peoples' eyes but in my own mind I know there is always room for improvement. And trust me, I have my vices! But that's what makes me human.

I don't want to be "good" or "better". I want to be "the best" version of myself. And I want you to be the best version of yourself as well. "Optimal" is my mantra.

My articles and posts are my way of crystalizing all of my research and personal experience into accessible, actionable content for my readers and followers.

I sure hope I can positively influence you in your quest for health, as the Paleo community has done for me.

While I expect nothing at all from you, dear reader, I sincerely hope you benefit from my words and, just as importantly, enjoy them! Subscribe by email (top right of page) to get my posts directly in your inbox. 

"Eat Paleo. Train. Live life!" - David Sciola.

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  1. Inspirational-I am on a similar journey and share your passions! I can relate to the hours of podcasts! San Diego Bastyr University has amazing courses for Naturpoathic Nutrition you should check it out! Keep it up though knowledge is power! x